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The XXXorcist/Re-Penetrator LIVE in Chicago and NYC – Oct 27-29th

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The live shows went amazing, we’re talking about taking the shows on the road next year! Check out some exclusive pictures from Joanna Angel from the Chicago shows here! More pictures and video on the way soon!

For 2 nights ONLY you can see the classic horror pornos LIVE on stage in Chicago! On October 27th and 28th, the world famous Admiral Theatre will present both movies projected and re-enacted Live simultaneously by the original performers, Joanna Angel and Tommy Pistol! Also featuring Pheonix Askani as the Mother in the XXXorcist! The live show will feature all of the gushing blood, spraying vomit, death and dismemberment of the movies right in front of your face! If you sit in the ‘splatter zone’ you may even get some of it on your face! Buy your Advance Tickets now as this will sell out!

This is the only chance you will get to experience both movies back to back! We are doing a special encore presentation of ‘The XXXorcist’ live in NYC on October 29th at the SMACK! Halloween Fetish Ball but these will be your only chances to see this unique live event! More info on the NYC show on the SMACK! website!

Check out the trailer here – NSFW


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You can now buy the 3rd edition of RE-PENETRATOR: Special Edition DVD Burning Angel HERE! Enter the coupon code “EVIL HEAD” and get $1 off! Winner of the AVN Award for ‘Most Outrageous Sex Scene’!

You can also finally order the re-release of the THE XXXORCIST 2 disc set with all new box art from Burning Angel RIGHT NOW!! Enter the coupon code “EVIL HEAD” and get $1 off!

And if you’re into sexy horror you’ll dig POST-MORTEM PINUPS – Femme Fatales in Fatal Postions!
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The XXXorcist UK Commentary Track

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Check it out, the alternate FIFTH commentary track for The XXXorcist DVD by our UK Unit Director Team Carl! We know we went a little overboard with the commentary tracks for this movie but this is by far the funniest one and the closest you will get to actually being on set with Assistant Director Russel Crowe! Find out about how Bill Cosby was almost in the movie, how Jerry Seinfeld came to be involved, how many animatronic horses were made from used radio parts and much more!

You can download the track from this link and synch it up with the “Sad Ending” on Disc 1!
Click here for the UK XXXorcist Commentary Track!

The XXXorcist Photos

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The XXXorcist DVD Reviews

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Check out all the excellent reviews of the critically acclaimed “The XXXorcist”! Click on the names to go to the review:

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The XXXorcist Press Coverage

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Check out the various press coverage of the XXXorcist!

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About The XXXorcist

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“When the Devil is inside, the power of Christ cumpels you!”

In The XXXorcist, after all other exorcism methods fail, Father Merkin (Tommy Pistol) has no other option but to screw the hell (and the devil) out of a possessed woman, Regan Teresa MacFeel (Joanna Angel). Her Mother, Mrs. MacFeel (Kylee Kross) looks on helplessly until she succumbs to the evil and becomes possessed as well. Father Merkin is forced to fight for his life…with his genitals.

Besides copious amounts of demonic possession, green vomit, head-spinning and bed-floating, the film features unique religious sex toys from Divine Interventions, such as the “Jackhammer Jesus” dildo , the “Virgin Mary” dildo, and of course, the “Baby Jesus Butt-Plug”.

Teravision director and star, Spyder Jonez makes an unforgettable appearance as Father Seinfeld in the film, as well as cult game-show host Andy Straub (Win Andy Straub’s Liquor)!

The XXXorcist two DVD disc set contains over eight hours of material including three alternate endings, four commentary tracks, a feature length documentary on the making of the film and much more.


“Incorporates the best of every genre – good laughs, gross-out scenes, the occasional gore sequence, and plenty of female nudity.” –Movies Made Me Do It

“Just completely wrong on every conceivable level (consider this a compliment).” –DVD Maniacs