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Re-Penetrator in AMC’s Top Adult Sci-Fi Remakes

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Re-Penetrator comes in at number 5 on AMC’s list of Top Adult Remakes in the Sci-Fi Dept series! Other movies include versions of Flash Gordon, The Prisoner, Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Planet of the Apes and Plan 9 From Outer Space!


Re-Penetrator Reactions and Quotes

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What Critics Say About Re-Penetrator, the winner of Most Outrageous Sex Scene at the 2006 AVN Awards:

“Re-Penetrator is sure to be to this generation what Deep Throat was to the last.”
– Screw Magazine

“Joanna Angel and Doug Sakmann have redefined a genre set into motion by creative pornography like ‘The Devil In Miss Jones’ and ‘Porno Holocaust’. It’s almost impossible to watch this film and not somehow be amazed by what you see.”
– Heidi Martinuzzi,

“Re-Penetrator is ridiculous in the most profound and profane ways imaginable. It crosses lines you didn’t know were drawn.”

“Funny, campy, ridiculously gory and – here’s the extraordinary part – totally strokable….Alt-porn that’s truly got to be seen.”

“The production uses a plethora of fake blood — a mixture of maple syrup and food coloring — during sex scenes.”

“(Re-Penetrator) tells the story of a dead stripper who “fucks the mad scientist from the gurney to the grave.” Our, er, spines are tingling just thinking about it. ”

“Just don’t watch it at work… ”