About Re-Penetrator

“Dr. Hubert Breast has a very good head on his shoulders…and another one on the dick in his pants! ”


Initially created as a halloween treat for the members of punk-porno site BurningAngel.com, this horror film porno spoof has turned into a national phenomenon! The production, written, directed and produced by Doug Sakmann, is a cum-fueled, blood-soaked parody of H.P Lovecraft’s classic 80’s horror movie Re-Animator, aptly titled Re-Penetrator. Based on the exposure and success of this film, Sakmann has signed with Burning Angel.com to produce a series of horror-pornos to be released on DVD and the internet.

Re-Penetrator went live at BurningAngel.com on Monday, October 25th, 2004, just in time for Halloween. The film had mixed reviews from the subscribers; some were thoroughly disturbed and some were strangely aroused. After a mere twenty-four hours of having the film on the site, the staff of Burning Angel received a thoroughly disappointing email stating the following: “The Policy Review Department has determined that your account is non-compliant due to depictions of extreme violence. To be more specific, any and all images and/or movies involving blood must be removed from your site…” Joanna Angel, owner of BurningAngel.com as well as the star of the flick, thought for sure there was a way to get around the issue. Perhaps a simple disclaimer stating that indeed the blood was fake, or that the mutilation present in the film is nothing but special effects. Particularly in an industry that thrives off of truly violent pornography. After several attempts to reason with their billing company, Burning Angel conceded and took the film off the site. The representative on the phone said it himself—that it’s not his job to regulate content, but they have to follow the rules, and Re-Penetrator is a blatant violation. After a few weeks of searching, Burning Angel realized that the film was basically banned from the American internet, as no American hosting company would carry it. Luckily, the rest of the world believes in freedom of expression and a new zombie-friendly billing company was found in the Netherlands. The film is now available at it’s new home on DVD at www.repenetrator.com.

What Do The Critics Say About Re-Penetrator?

“Re-Penetrator is sure to be to this generation what Deep Throat was to the last.”
– Screw Magazine

“Joanna Angel and Doug Sakmann have redefined a genre set into motion by creative pornography like ‘The Devil In Miss Jones’ and ‘Porno Holocaust’. It’s almost impossible to watch this film and not somehow be amazed by what you see.”
– Heidi Martinuzzi, Bloody-Disgusting.com

“Re-Penetrator is ridiculous in the most profound and profane ways imaginable. It crosses lines you didn’t know were drawn.”
– Unitshifter.com

“Funny, campy, ridiculously gory and – here’s the extraordinary part – totally strokable….Alt-porn that’s truly got to be seen.”

“The production uses a plethora of fake blood — a mixture of maple syrup and food coloring — during sex scenes.”

“(Re-Penetrator) tells the story of a dead stripper who “fucks the mad scientist from the gurney to the grave.” Our, er, spines are tingling just thinking about it. ”

“Just don’t watch it at work… ”

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